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The Google PageRank Scam

The all mighty Google algorithm. It's what they've made their millions on. It is a sophisticated mathematical equation to give each individual website a special page rank figure between 0 and 10. It is carefully worked out and nurtured by the Google staff who make sure of it's accuracy and fairness.

What a load of BOLLOCKS. I'm here to tell you that Google has pulled of the biggest scam of the century in fooling people into believing they have come up with the Holy Grail of web search result production. Basically they've thought of a number, doubled it, multiplied it by whatever and took away the number they first thought of. Then they sold this secret idea and made a mint.

How do I know it's all bollocks. Well first hand experience has shown me that their formula doesn't actually exist or if it does, it is seriously crap. For instance I have a popular software website which for many years had a page rank of 5 and all internal pages ranked at 4 or 5. Then suddenly I am a page rank of 3 and I have done nothing to alter my site. OK so I've fallen in the rankings and I'm annoyed at Google you might think but you would be wrong. My sales figures haven't suffered in fact they have gone up, so I'm quite happy. Then again I had a uk domain of the same name pointing to this website. Surprise, surprise, Google ranked it at 5 even though it had no links to or from it. rather odd I thought but I decided to make a separate UK site anyway. Now I have my UK site with lots of good links to and from it, Google gives a page rank of 0. It's laughable. Another site which I made for fun, which doesn't have any links to or from it and which I have done nothing to promote in search engines or Google for that matter, now has a constant page rank of 3.

So my advice is to forget Google and it will find it's own way of indexing your site in its own inimitable way. You are wasting your time trying to make it Google friendly or to increase your page rank because whatever you do will have little effect on how they index you. Spend time getting your site listed on other search engines which list you the old fashioned way e.g. MSN or the like.

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