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Google Checkout

This was going to be in the tips section until today when Google got even uglier. 'Just a few changes' announces Anita Barci, Product Marketing Manager for Google on the official Google Checkout Blog.

When it first started this was quite attractive with rates of 1.5% + 0.15 per transaction. Plus you could get free transaction fees if you advertised with Google Adwords. No you didn't, unless you were very lucky. I signed up for this early on and was advertising on Adwords. You have to put in a request for the free transactions. No prizes for guessing that I never heard another thing from Google, even though I sent several reminders. So I never got the free transaction fees. Did I ever really expect to get them? Knowing Google now and how ugly it has become, no not really.

Now, low and behold they are bringing their fees into line with Paypal, it's main competitor in small business payment processors. That means doubling all the fees and amounts per transaction and adding a little extra here and there. Just a few changes i.e. a complete overhaul.

I wonder how many small businesses changed their processor to Google and now have to go back and put the Paypal code back. Luckily for me, the Google Checkout process is clunky and very awkward compared to Paypal and meant a lot of extra fiddling about to get the payments. I changed back after a few weeks even though Paypal charged more, it was much easier for me and my customers.

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