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Alexa Website Rankings Debacle

In my opinion you should forget the Alexa website rankings. Their rankings are based on Alexa toolbar users surfing habits. They collect all the data from all their users and produce this wonderful picture of the web with the most popular websites at the top. All very pretty and graphical but like Google's Page ranking algorithm, it's all bollocks.

How can I say it's all bollocks. Well, Windows Vista has been around for a while now, yes? And what do think the most popular operating systems are on the web? Microsoft of course, yes? So a huge percentage of folks now have Windows Vista and growing daily. When you go the Alexa website to get the all mighty toolbar, what does it say?

The toolbar currently does not work with Windows Vista. We are working on a fix and hope to release it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This has been displayed for the last 6 months at least until just recently (August 2009). Oh so their web users statistics must be so accurate, right?

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