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Google Adwords Or How To Fill The Google Coffers

If you think about it carefully this is a very clever money spinner. PPC or Pay Per Click, they don't actually lie do they because all you pay for is someone to click on your advert. If you had a thousand leaflets to hand out, would you actually give money to each of the people that took one?

I have tried Google Adwords and wasted a lot of money on it and believe me the customer support is absolutely useless. All you get is "you need to optimise your campaign to obtain better results". Well I tried and tried, different worded ads, different combinations of key words and phrases (even the same ones that got my site on page 1 or 2 of Google's own search results), you name it, I did it. The result.... zippo, not one bloody customer.

The thing that at the time, frustrated me most and now amuses me, is that when I bid on my keywords initially they worked for an hour or so. When I say they worked, my advert started showing on several thousand sites. Great, I thought but then they stopped. I had changed absolutely nothing and when I went back in to the keyword bidding I found that next to my keywords and phrases was a new message in red. Your bid is too low, please bid a minimum of $10 per click. These were the same keywords and phrases which just a couple of hours before had been 0.20 cents per click, which put me at the top of the bids. At this point I broke into hysterical manic style laughter, as my product sells for $19.99. So they wanted me to pay at least $10 for each person who might just be remotely interested in my product. I contacted customer support and told them of this scenario and they responded "you need to optimise your campaign to obtain better results".

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