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Google Adsense

Having hammered Google Adwords and PageRank in my Myths section, Google have produced something which does work, albeit probably more by luck than judgement on their part.

Google Adsense can make you money. This is Google text adverts on your website like the one at the foot of this page. It sticks in my throat but it does actually seem to work and it doesn't depend on you having a website with trillions of visitors. Obviously such a website will make you a nice income in advertising revenue but even small or new sites can make a few bucks by placing Google Adsense ads on the pages. However, don't be fooled by those marketing gurus who will take your money just to tell you that you should make hundreds of websites each making a dollar a day to earn your millions. That's just bollocks, as they omit to mention you have to pay for hosting, the domain name and you are unlikely to consistently get $1 a day unless you are very lucky or are giving sexual favours to a member of the Google staff.

Oh and the other adverts that makes me titter (titter not twitter) are the ones that say something like, websites for sale, Adsense ready, earn $150,000 a day with Adsense and one Clickbank product. Sheesh... remember the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is.

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